Does having Alien number means my I 140 is approved

Hi Anil

My Employer recently submitted I 140 for me in PP and I did not get the receipt # and therefore will be not able to know the status.

I called USCIS and they told that i have a alien# and they shared nothing else.

Does having Alient number means my I 140 is approved? Does Alien# is generated after they receive I 140 or Alien # is assign only after i 140 Approval?

Note: I never had EAD

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Having an A number does not guarantee that i140 is approved but chances are high.

You can get your i140 details using FOIA request if employer is not sharing it:

My 140 is showing “case received”. Regular processing.

I used FOIA and received Alien Numver.

I think A number is generated as soon Uscis acknowledges the 140 case. It does not mean 140 is approved or even that approval chance is high.

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yep @Testusernet123 I agree.
A number availability does not guarantee that i140 has been approved.

Hi Anil…

Thank you very much for reply.

So if person does not have any alien number in his entire tenure in USA then is it possible that Alien# get generated after the receipt of I 140 form. ? WillUSCIS create A file with A# for every application after receipt of I 140 form and they will not wait for approval of I 140 ?
(Above situation is for those who do not have any alien# before submission of I 140).

Yes, that’s probably true.

Could you please share the date when I140 was applied in Premium?

Hi Anil… if I file FIOA then will uscis inform my employer and attorney that beneficiary is asking detail about their i140(as i140 is employer property) ?

No, USCIS does not inform your employer.