Does H4 Transfer and H4 EAD needs to be filed with New Employer, when H1 & H4 with current employer is still in process ?

Hi Anil,

Me (H1B) and my Wife (H4) are having I-94 expiry date as 29th April 2022 (due in a month from now)
so my current Employer A filed for H1B and H4 extensions and it is currently in process (not filed in premium) and I have also field for my wife’s H4 EAD application for the first time & it is in process as well.

I have got an Offer and I’m moving to Employer B.
So Employer B is filing for my H1B Transfer + Extension (has to be done before my I-94 expiry which is due in a month)

So my Question is - Do I need to file H4 extension as well along with Transfer ? (H4 I-94 is expiring in a month, but my current Employer A filed for H4 extension which is in process)

and what action needs to be taken on H4 EAD ?
If I file H4 extension with new Employer B, does H4 EAD also needs to be filed again with new H1B details?

Please suggest.

Thanks !!

You may or may not file H4/EAD however if you dont file with your H1B transfer USCIS may send RFE later on to submit the proof of primary H1B status. At that time you can provide the copy of primary H1B I-797 from employer B.

Again, you may not refile H4 EAD. USCIS may send RFE later on to submit the copy of approved H4 I-797.