Documentary proof for ECNR status on new passport?

Do we need to provide any proof for ECNR status in Indian passport renewal in USA?

Point 13 ECR/ECNR if nothing is mentioned in the current passport?

The ECR/ECNR status is available on page 2 of passport. If it is not there or nothing is mentioned in your passport, you can select ECNR on point 13.

Documentary proof for ECNR status in Indian Passport renewal

Photocopy of your highest educational qualification degree like MCA (Masters in Computer Applications) is sufficient.

If you do not attach any proof and your old passport did not have this ECR stamp, you will automatically be considered eligible for ECNR.

No notarization needed here.

It is advisable to Self-attest it with your signature and to clearly mark the photocopy with the purpose as “For ECNR – Documentary proof”.