Document Delivery by FOIA Request

I created a FOIA request by emailing a notarized G 639 to get the i140 receipt notice…

My request is currently number 39 of 40 pending requests in Track 1.

Two questions -

  1. Track 1 usually takes 27 days. Is that after my request is current or inclusive of current state of 39/40.

  2. Would I receive the document by mail or email?

They have recently started online service as well.
So, I think you should receive documents by both mail and will be made available online for download in your USCIS account.

The time given for track one is average time to process request.
You should get your documents more or less around that average time.

Thank you Anil

What’s the URL of the uscis account to download document?

FOIA request online

Create an account on USCIS website and link it to your case, you will be able to log in to the digital delivery center to view and download the records you requested.

Already have a USCIS account? Simply login and link the case to your existing account. USCIS will email you when they have processed your case and your records are ready to be accessed.

Thank you. The site does not show any record for my Control Number that I received in the acknowledgement letter.

I’ll wait for email from uscis confirming that my case is completed.

Sure. Let us know the result once you get it. It will help other users as well.

Hi Anil

My Control Number says it is processed when I check my case status.

I’m yet to receive email, CD/DVD or digital delivery.

I’ll update here once I get some information from uscis.

Thanks for sharing the status @Testusernet123

I received 140 receipt notice today as pdf in my account.

Receipt notice was the only doc I requested.

Entire process took about 2 months from the day I sent the notarized G539 form

Hi Anil

I received Alien Number in my 140 receipt notice. 140 is not approved yet. I thought A number is generated after 140 approval, no?

My 140 is filed in regular processing. My employer is not willing to upgrade to premium.

I’ve my 140 case# and Alien Number. Could I upgrade my case to premium by sending check to USCIS?

Upgrade i140 to premium myself

No, you can’t upgrade i140 to premium yourself.
Your employer has to request it.

You can pay your employer and then they can upgrade it.
If they are not upgrading it, then it means that they want to keep you stuck with them as long they can :slight_smile:

i140 A number generation

A number can be generated at the time of entring your data in USCIS system too. Approval is not necessarily required.