Do we need Mexico visa for Laredo TX US border crossing for i94?

HI @Anil_Gupta

Thank You for the detailed story, I have weird case and everyone suggested to cross border to get my I-94 corrected.

I have my visa expiring on Sept 18 and also I have my extension approved until 2020. But my Admin until date / I94 is still on old visa. Also to give a complete picture of the scenario.

  1. Travelled to India with Sept 2018 Visa (stamping already on passport).
  2. New Extension approved on June 27th 2018.
  3. I travelled back on July 9th , at POE I didn’t present the new extension as a result I94 still on the old visa.
  4. Now I should update my I-94 to continue working.

I planned to travel to Laredo and get this done. Couple of questions

  1. did you cross the bridge and got Mexico Visa ??
  2. Just crossed half way and come back to US for entry ?
  3. Is it Okay to turn back half way ?

1. Laredo TX bridge crossing and Mexico Visa

NO Mexico visa is needed as you NEVER ever see Mexico immigration while crossing the bridge and coming back.

NOTE: If US rejects your entry (once you have crossed the bridge and trying to re-enter US), you will HAVE to go into Mexico and then your US approved i797 is valid for Mexico entry.
This is exactly same as can happen at any port of entry airport where if the immigration officer rejects your entry, you are deported back to your country.

This is a risk that you would need to take if you decide to cross border.
If you do not want to cross border, you can come back to your home in US as you are still on US side.

2. Crossing the bridge half way meaning

You only EXIT US border and then return back mid-way to re-enter US immigration building.
The bridge is a connecting street between US and Mexico right on top of river Rio Grande.

So, when you exit US, you immediately see yourself stepping on the bridge.
Walk on the bridge till you see a small gate (yellow line shown in images - exactly at half point) that you can use to go across the street and start walking towards US immigration.

3. Is it Okay to turn back half way ?

YES, it is perfectly fine. I even confirmed this from the US police deployed on the bridge, before attempting to do it myself :slight_smile:

The crossing may not look like a real street crossing as you would have seen in US. Its more like Indian street crossing.
You may not see people crossing over either and the small gate might be closed too as 99% of people there are Mexicans who are either going towards Mexico or entering US.

So, they do not really have any need to jump the gate and go across the street.

BUT, it does not matter, you can still JUMP over the gate and go (That’s what we also did).

Also, the street has lots of cars and there is no pedestrian walk light.
You have to cross the street as you would have done in India :slight_smile: You know what i mean!

Let me know if you need more information.

Thank you for quick response my first visa is expiring on
Sept 18 2018. Do you still think it is risky to go out and US officer not let me in ?

There is always a risk involved when you go out of US and re-enter.

The risk is what the immigration officer will think and what decision he will take. Nobody can guess that decision and it is up-to you.

I am assuming that your visa extension was approved while you were out of US. Is it?
Because, if you were in US at the time of extension, you would have got a new i94 automatically.

The only option at this time for you is to either file another extension application or go out and re-enter USA using any US border.

Yes I was out of India when Extension got approved.

The only option at this time for you is to either file another extension application or go out and re-enter USA using any US border

Yeah, which is why am choosing to cross the border and give a try. what is the probability you see for rejection ?

The probability is same as the one you have when you visit India and come back to US.

The only difference between Indian travel and Laredo travel is that you are going to Laredo by car!

The port of entry is same (as any other at airport) and same visa officer will ask you SAME questions.

There is no need to worry. If everything is fine with your visa and paperwork, you should have no issue.
We got it without any issue. In-fact, visa officer did not even ask any questions to us.

He just issued a new i94. They are pretty cool there.
On the other hand, I can’t really guess what can happen at port of entry.

Hi @Anil_Gupta

One last question.

Lets take the worst case scenario and Officer rejects, still am I eligible to walk into mexico airport and take flight to India.

I have valid passport and I-797

Off-course, you can walk into Mexico using US visa (or approved i797 to enter Mexico and pass through Mexico immigration) and then take flight from there to anywhere you want to go, including India.

Hi @Anil_Gupta

Urgern confirmation

My first visa is on old passport and extension got approved based on old passport.

Border officer updated the record but it shows up on old passport is it still okay?

I am righ out of the office waiting on some confirmation.

Its okay to have old passport number on new i94. No need to worry.