Do we need ACS reassessment if it expires after invite?

Dear Mr. Anil,
Thanks for your suggestion. However, kindly reply to the following points:

  1. I just need to ask you that if the ITA issue and after that ACS assessment expire, so in this case we need to renew our assessment or no need?
  2. second thing if the ACS expire before ITA, so we can just pay the fees for renewal? or need to start complete assessment from starting.

Hi @shahid

You need to get new ACS report if the report expired on the date of lodging PR visa application and paying fees after ITA.

ACS reassessment is like applying for the new report. All the proofs have to be resubmitted.

If you got the invite then you don’t need to renew the ACS. I got the invite just 1 week before of my ACS expiry and then I didn’t renewed it. I have already approved 190 VISA

Thanks dear…congratulations

What is your occupation, which state you got ITA and when did you launch EOI?