Do we need 2 original Power of attorney copies for Houston Indian Embassy?

The Houston Embassy seems to have different requirement. This is the link.

  1. The POA has 2 applicants, me and my wife’s name on it. Do I need to submit 2 “Attestation of Power of Attorney” forms separate for me and my wife?

    And if yes, do I need to pay the separate fee per applicant, i.e $20 + $20 and $2+$2?

  2. Do we need to have 2 witness’s signature on the last page of POA? Or it is not needed? They have not mentioned anything about witness anywhere.

  3. The 9th point says that the photograph must be pasted on front page.

    But I have pasted both of our photographs on the last page of the POA. Do we need the photographs on both, front and last pages?

  1. Yes, fill two separate forms. Fees is charged per attestation i.e. if you both are just making one PoA, you need to pay only for 1 attestation.

  2. Witness signature is advisable. If you do not get them now, your will need to get them in India while registering this POA there. Your choice.

  3. Well, if the embassy says paste it on front page, paste it there too.

    You can have pictures at both places. Normally, pictures are pasted on front page in case of multi page documents.
    You both would need to sign on all pages.