Do Spouse have to work in Australia if we claim Spouse Points?

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Hi, I have a question with respect to Spouse Skills Points.

Do Spouse have to work in Australia if we claim Spouse Points?

As i’m primary applicant and my spouse will be dependent, does it mean mentioning the occupation code for her, she has to do employment in Australia?

Just thinking about the significance of occupation for dependents to get more points.

Thanks. Appreciate your help.

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Spouse can choose to NOT work after getting PR

It is dependent’s (spouse) choice if she wants to work after getting PR.

The points are given in the anticipation that if a person is qualified, then he/she has more probability of working and contributing to income taxes.

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Thanks a lot for your prompt response.

Spouse has no work experience but Masters degree

Extending on the same question, my wife doesn’t have any work experience with respect to my occupation code though she is holding Master’s degree and Competent in English Test.

If I choose the occupation code similar to me, Is it mandatory for her to submit any work experience documents during the PR process.

Thanks Again.

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Spouse Zero work experience is Okay

Work experience is not mandatory but the educational assessment is mandatory to prove her education is relevant to job code that you have selected for her.

You can only claim spouse points if the assessment is positive for her education and her job code.

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