Do PTE and ACS report need to be certified for uploading to immiaccount?

(Anonymous) #1

Thank you for this valuable info!
Just a few questions if I may;
We are busy lodging our visa 189 and we’re at the document upload section.
Must all document uploaded be certified, especially your PTE score report which does not come in hard copy, they just email it to you.
Likewise for ACS skills assessment, the outcome is emailed to you.
Must I print out a color copy and then certify it?
And then, My wife does not claim points for work experience, must she still upload the work reference letters, as ImmiAccount asks for it?

(Anil Gupta) #2

PTE, ACS report do not need certification. Just upload their soft copy as it is.

Your wife’s does NOT need the work reference letters if you are not claiming spouse points. I don’t think immiaccount would ask for your spouse.