Do I need to travel for updating I94 with new employer's I797 expiry date?

Hi team, thank you so much for all the help that you guys are doing.

I have a question on my i94. My situation is little bit different so I would like to explain in clean manner.

So I was working with employer A and applied for h1 transfer to employer B and it got approved. Transfer got approved in Jan and it was approved until mid year of 2025. But I didn’t join the emp b immediately because in march 2023 I went to India with emp A i797 and got visa stamped and came back, even in port of entry I showed emp A i797 because that’s the one I went to stamping with and because I was still working with employer A. As expected new i94 number got generated in i94 portal with employer A’s i797 expiration date(August 2024). After entering the country I have still worked with emp A for 2 weeks then after 2 weeks I have joined employer B but here I got this question popped up. Should I travel outside country and comeback to reflect the employer B I797 expiry date in i94 portal with new I94 number generated or I should be ok even if I don’t travel because its going to expire in mid year of 2025 according to employer B I797. Please let me know if any of the content is not clear. Thank you so much in advance