Do I need to send my H1B Approval notice (i797A) and H4 Approval notice to USCIS for H4 EAD as an Additional documents?

Hi Anil,
I have filed H4 EAD (04/26/2019) for my spouse along with H1B and H4 Extension receipt notice. I have given my new H1B receipt # in H4 EAD application.

Last week my H1B extension got approved (06/18).

  1. Do I need to send my H1B Approval notice (i797A) and H4 Approval notice to USCIS for H4 EAD as an Additional documents?
  2. If yes, what is the process for that. And which address I need to send and what are all documents I need to attach.?
  3. When can I expect the EAD to be approved?

You do not need to send the H1B extension approval copy to USCIS unless they ask for it explicitly.

Hi Anil @Anil_Gupta
Could you please reply my 3rd question above?

When can I expect the H4-EAD to be approved?

Hi @user123

I did not answer your third question earlier as you have not shared complete information.

USCIS service center is missing.

H1B was filed at Nebraska. H4 Ead was sent to Lewisville, TX, but when I got the receipt
it was Vermont Service center. So my H4 EAD application is in Vermont SC. It was filed on 04/26.

You can expect your H4 EAD Approval by July 2019 third week end.

H1B + H4 extension both field at Nebraska in one package on 04/16.
H1B approved on 06/18 and received the paper approval notice.
But so far I have not received anything for H4. Bio-metrics was completed on 05/07.
Website is still showing “case received” for both H1B and H4 now.

Could you please tell me whether H4 is approved or not? When can I expect the approval notice?

Hi @user123

It seems your H4 is still pending. Nobody has reported an H4 and H4 EAD approval from Nebraska yet from after Biometrics.

I will update as soon as someone reports.

H4 (filed 04/16/19) is in Nebraska Service center but H4 EAD (filed 04/26/19) is in Vermonth service center.

is there any website where I can check the status. The below is one is not updated and always show “case received” even if case is received.

Hi @user123

That’s the official USCIS website. Where else would you expect the case status?

I am seeing threads where people are mentioning about DHS website to check status.

Could you please tell me the website and guide me how to check status?

And H4 +H4 EAD is not approved yet. H1 was approved on 06/18.

Hi @user123

DHS website link is given here:

Received only H1 approval on 06/18. So far not received H4 and H-4 Ead.

Is it worth visiting uscis local office? Will it impact anything to processing time?

Why do you want to visit USCIS office if the applications are within normal processing time?