Do I need to print shipping label from CKGS account page even if I’m using my own courier service?


I don’t think this particular question has been answered in the forum. If it has been then my apologies. I am in the process of applying for my passport renewal. I am not able to select CKGS’s courier service. Fedex does not recognize my zip code for some reason. So as an alternative I am trying to select my own courier, which will be UPS. But I am unclear about how this process exactly works.

  • Do I still need to print the shipping label from CKGS account page even if I’m using my own courier service? I believe there’s an instruction for printing the barcode. How to obtain it?

  • When shipping the application, do I need to include BOTH prepaid envelope and an self-addressed label within the original package?

Thanks in advance!

CKGS won’t issue any shipping label if you don’t buy shipping service from them.

I strongly suggest to buy service from them. If your zip code is not working, then contact CKGS by email for clarification.

If you buy your own service, then you will need to send return envelope too.

Thanks for your response, Anil! Much appreciated. I’m not able to opt for CKGS’ service because the fedex api gives error that no service available at my zip code.

I contacted CKGS support service and I’m proceeding as per their directions. I will update this post with my experience after completion of my renewal.

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What’s CKGS suggestion? Can you share?

Hello, I am in the same boat. CKGS form is saying the “Fedex overnight” is not available for my zip code so I should use “pre paid” service". It is not clear how to use it. Can you share instructions and your experience please.

What did you do? I am unable to choose shipping through ckgs. If you are shipping on your own, do you still need the barcode? If so, where do I get that?

Could you please share instructions you followed? It will help many who can’t opt for CKGS shipping as they are closing service soon. Thanks.

Hi @Anil_Gupta & @Avinash_dn ,

I also dont see any option to opt for CKGS shipping.
In the drop down menu I see this (attached image). Shall I leave it unselected and proceed ?
shipping option

I also dont see the option of choosing CKGS shipping - any guidance on own shipping label will be appreciated