Do both CDR & skilled employment assessment required for Spouse Points?

Hi Anil,
I would like to know if I need to apply for CDR & skilled employment assessment or only skilled employment assessment when claiming for partner skills.

We both are structural engineers in India.

Not sure what you mean by CDR.

Spouse skills assessment required to claim spouse points

You need to apply for skills assessment for spouse too if you want to claim spouse points.

Hi, thanks for the quick reply. I mean to say Competency Demonstration Report(CDR).

As per the link below what fees would be applicable for the partner. I also want to know if the partner needs to submit career episodes for the assessment.

Engineers Australia Assessment Pathway

You need to first find your ‘assessment pathway’ here based on your degree:

And then, choose the service.

Spouse CDR + Relevant Assessment may be the only option

For Spouse, only ‘Relevant Skills assessment’ is required. But, if the assessment company is not offering it separately, then you have to go with CDR+Relevant skills assessment option.

Does that help?

Hi, Thanks for the reply. I think that clarifies my doubt.
I see that Engineers Australia doesn’t offer only skills assessment, so should go with CDR + Relevant skills assessment option.

Yes, that’s correct.