Discrepancy in ACS result

Hi @Anil_Gupta

Yesterday I received my ACS result. I have worked in 5 organizations till date and provided all documents for all these employers. ACS provided me positive result but did not mentioned my current employer in result pdf. I am working in my current organization since July-2018.
Because of this my overall score will be down by 5 points.
Can you suggest me what should I do now and what could be the possible reason for this mistake?


Did you submit your current employer work experience letter?

Has the current employment been marked as relevant or they have completely ignored it even when you submitted experience letter?

Yes Anil. I submitted my current employer work experience letter provided by HR.
They have completely ignored my current employer experience, I mean they did not mentioned my current employer name in result pdf.

I submitted my ACS on 14-May-2019 and got a mail to provide additional documents for all 5 employer. In that mail, they mentioned my current employer name along with previous 4 employer. I submitted all relevant documents of all employer after receiving that mail.

Hi @Manish_Dadhich

You can ask for review if you are confident that ACS has made a mistake here. But, review also costs money.