Difference between RFIE and RFE

Hello Anil,

I received “Request for Initial Evidence” today for my H1b extension with I140 . My employer is yet to get the mail. Just need to check if it is same as RFE. I believe it would be some documents needed before starting working on my case.
What are the chances of getting it approved. I submitted h1ext with h4 ext and h4ead first time.

Thank you

RFIE is more dangerous as USCIS has found that your employer has not sent even the basic documents with the H1B application.

As per USCIS rule, they can deny the application straightaway if the initial evidences are not sent.

You are lucky that they are asking for them.

Thank you so much Anil for your reply.
Still my employer have not received the notice but I am working in one of the big mnc since 12 years and they have good immigration team, not sure how they missed the basic documents.
I believe I renewed my passport here in US and it doesn’t have stamp. I didn’t travel outside US and my i94 is linked to my old passport. Not sure if my immigration team forgot to clarify this. May be my old passport would be displayed as suspended in their data base.
I will confirm once I receive the notice.
Thank you so much !

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Hi Usin - how did your RFIE go through ?

I have received same and yet to receive details, how long does it take to receive from USICS