Did USCIS allow 8 month automatic extension in CoronaVirus?

Hello Anil, thanks for your answer. I have couple of questions

  1. US extends H1-B visas and allows those who lose jobs to stay on 8 months | Business Insider India - There is a news today that H-1B’s can extend their stay. My Perm is still under progress and my H-1B is going to be expired on 28th of June.
    So, in that case, am I eligible for extension? could you please help me understand

Indian media has caused mayhem by declaring that USCIS has allowed 8 months of visa extensions in #coronavirus

This is NOT true. All Indian news sites just copy-paste if one media house runs half baked news. 240 day rule was always available!

USCIS has not given even a cent extra! So, Stay calm.

USCIS allows Extension in special Situations if you cannot leave the US but final decision is on their discretion. My Suggestions:

  1. H1B Denied, file B2 COS to stay in US.
  2. File Parent’s B2 extension

Hi Anil,

Thank you so much for your Reply. The Current executive order which Trump is signing is going to impact the PERM process which is already in Progress?
Could you please help me understand

I will update once the order is published publicly.