Did anyone successfully withdrawn H1 to H4 COS from California center?

Does USCIS really honor the withdrawal letter? How long does it take to withdraw pending H1 to H4 COS?

Have you faced any situation where the H4 COS is approved, even after sending withdrawal letter?

Hi @cloud7
USCIS withdraws the application once you send the withdrawal letter.

There is no other official form or way to request for application withdrawal from USCIS.

Thanks.How soon does USCIS acknowledges withdrawal?

Since the intial application is filed concurrently in premium along with my spouse’s H1 transfer, but they are treating my COS,H4 EAD application in regular processing, shall we send the withdrawal letter to premium processing? OR Regular processing?

Withdrawal letter has no premium processing option.

You just have to send it to USCIS by certified mail.
There is no defined timeline for its processing either. You just keep the proofs of sending with you.

Normally, you can expect a response within 3-4 weeks.