Did anyone manage to do h1b->b2->h1b again during this coronavirus time?

I am still waiting for b2 biometrics letter. It’s been a month since they accepted my application. H1b extension is going to stay pending until b2 gets processed and I can’t find any information about someone who actually got their h1b to b2 cos approved.

Nobody has got he Biometric letter. You are not alone since Biometric enters are currently closed.

@Anil_Gupta Update!! A colleague of mine who had pending H1b->B2 got his B2 biometrics letter and was able to give his fingerprints this week in Atlanta. Hopefully that means everyone else will get theirs soon.

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My wife completed her biometrics in Texas. Her Case got updated

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Did you apply for your h1b extension in premium with consular processing? If consular processing, then how are you planning to get it stamped?

Or if it is regular process, then are you planning to wait for b2 approval and then get the h1b extension approved?

I am also in a similar situation. Please reply.

Not consular. Applied COS. Got RFE on H1b COS btw.
B2 is still pending, I am hoping to get biometrics letter any time now. A friend of mine who applied B2 around same time as me got his biometrics already.

Got it. Did you apply both as COS ? First H1B-> B2 COS and then B2 -> H1B COS? I was told that the B2 -> H1B cannot be applied as COS , unless the B2 is approved. It can be only applied as H1B extension.

Is your H1B RFE is related to “maintaining status” or something like that?

Hi …

What was the RFE for? I am about to have my new employer file H1b transfer after been out of for 120 days( i94 still till 2022) and b2 pending( applied within 60 days of grace period) . Is there any option to start working ?