Detailed Skill Experience Letter from TCS in USA

Hi Anil,

  1. I had almost 7 years of experience in TCS, and I do received the skill / experience letter from TCS. But my attorney is saying to get an elaborated version of experience letter from TCS by adding USA and India + my designations. TCS FFS / Exemp HR is clearly denying that format.

    Hence, my attorney suggested to get a coworker affidavit from my colleague. One of my co-worker has agreed to do that but I want to understand one point, my coworker joined TCS in 2007 and left in 2014. I do joined in year 2008 and left in 2015.

    Does it make any difference here , can he vouch for me, as he was their with me for all the time and knows my duties / responsibilities ,also when I got promoted to my LAST designation, it was in front of him. He was their with me for almost 9 months and then he left TCS in 2014 and I continued till 2015.

    My attorney thought process is that the person should be with you all time and longer, Please suggest does the above coworker is acceptable.

  2. On the another scenario, if this coworker is not acceptable, then I do have another coworker who is still in TCS, my attorney is asking from my coworker a bonafide letter stating he is still in TCS. TCS is clearly denying that you cannot do that as it is illegal. I am not sure where it is illegal, can you please help me to know does you know any option through which a current TCS employee can get a bonafide certificate. Thank you.

I know that it is getting tougher these days with these kind of letters being demanded by USCIS with elaborate details. I also agree that TCS does not change their standard format and it is difficult to get those details.

  1. Well, this co-worker’s letter can be obtained for the time he was with you in TCS. This would be eligible to prove your skills and work experience till the time he was with you in TCS.
  2. The other worker’s letter can be obtained for rest of the time and he can certainly write the letter that he is still with TCS at the time of writing the letter. There is nothing illegal about it if USCIS is demanding it on paper. If it is was legal, how can USCIS demand and expect this kind of letter from the applicant?

Also, note that these letters are ONLY required if your PERM/I-140 case lands in AUDIT. Otherwise, you will not need those.

But, it is always better to collect these letters as soon as you can. Almost all countries demand it these days including Australia and Canada.
This will be useful if you decide to immigrate to other countries in future too.

Thank you;

the problem is with the second coworker, my attorney is asking for a current bonafide letter that proves he is stil in tcs.

Tcs is saying that you are doing illegal as you cannot use this bonadfie letter for some other purpose like immigration. I am not sure how to handle this situation.

Please guide if you do have any suggestion.
Thank you.

Did you ask your attorney on what TCS is saying? What is your attorney guidance on this ‘illegal letter’?
Do you need this bonafide letter on TCS letter head?
I doubt that the person will be able to share it with you anyway even if TCS gives him the letter. That is too much of a ask from a co-worker.

I do not know of any such USCIS guidance of procuring this kind of letter anywhere on their official list of documents. I think it is your Attorney who is demanding it.
My opinion is that you should be okay even if second co-worker does not give you the bonafide letter of working with TCS.
If required to validate, USCIS can request the data from TCS directly. At that time, off-course, TCS will entertain their request! They can’t deny it if that person is/was working for them.

  1. Yes, Attorney is the one who is keep on asking about this bonafide letter to prove that the coworker is still in TCS. Co-worker do shared offerletters, promotion letter, recent salary slips etc but Attorney is saying lots of other people are able to get the bonafide letter from TCS, why you are not?

    Yes, you are correct attorney is demanding this.

    My attorney is saying if you dont provide this coworker letter who worked with you throughout your period. We will withdraw your case. I never ever heard about this where a person is able to provide TCS skill letter and still attorney is asking to get a coworker affidavit, if you are not able to get it will withdraw your case.

  2. On the other hand, I asked my attorney to have 2 separate co-worker letters to prove my 2008-2014 experience and then from 2014 to beyond, he is asking me to get only one coworker letter from that person who was their from my whole tenure. I am not sure why unnecessarily attorney is pushing me to get a one coworker letter.

Please suggest from your side.

  1. Why would he withdraw the case if you do not provide the bonafide letter? What’s the reason? I have not heard of any such case till date.
    Ask him to provide a reference of a person who has got the bonafide letter from TCS and you can talk to him/her on how to get it.

    I personally have not heard of anyone needing it and getting it from TCS.

  2. This is strange too. If there is no one who worked for the entire tenure, how can he expect to get one single letter. He is seriously not thinking on the ground.
    He does not know that finding a co-worker who can really write everything on paper for legal purpose is difficult step itself.

I am sorry but I do not think that all these letters are required except the skill letter (that you may have already got from TCS directly).

1.i. He is saying it will not suffice the reason of submitting the co-worker letter if you don’t provide the bonafide, co-worker affidavit will be invalid. I said coworker already provided offer letter, recent salary slips what else you want, for that question he is not providing any answer.

1.ii. I have asked that to my attorney also, for that he didn’t provided any reference and he is saying that he will withdraw my case.

2.i. I agree, he is not thinking on the ground and unnecessarily pushing me hard. He keeps on asking to me that other Ex-TCS people do have provided, why you are not able to provide? , Yes I do already received that letter.

  1. When I asked my attorney to directly touch base with TCS and get whatever you want, at that time he is not willing to that. Can I ask my current company immigration team to help me here. I am not sure whether my immigration team will listen me or not. Please suggest.

I am not sure what kind of set up are you working in.
Attorney is hired by your employer for his services. Everything is governed by your employer and what your employer wants.

I am not sure why your employer’s immigration team is NOT saying anything in this scenario.
This is beyond my understanding.

Unfortunately i cannot take the name in public forum but it is a very large company.

Currently they are not in loop in this conversation, currently it is happening between myself and attorney directly. To add just now I got to know that they have filed the PERM and received A#.

Now, I am worried with the fact that , if I reach to my employer immigration and if they only listen and favor to my attorney , then it will be an again headache which in need to handle.

Please suggest.

I do not know what to say unless they can give a reference of a person who has got the letter from TCS. I do not know of any such case and hence can’t guide you.

As per my experience, you only need the skill letter to prove your on the job experience and that too if PERM or I-140 lands in Audit.


Can you share the format you used for co worker affidavit? Same situation with TCS. For me.

Hi @gganesh90

This co-worker letter format is common for all countries.

Thanks Anil
My co worker is currently not working in TCS and also in my 3 yrs TCS tenure, he worked along with me only for 2 years. Should I mention these information with the exact dates?

Also this sample letter has no skills mentioned. Is it okay if we just mentioned job roles?

Hi @gganesh90

Co-worker can only attest for the period he worked with you.
Also, for US, the co-worker should preferably have been your senior.

Remember that USCIS mostly denies accepting the co-worker letter these days. They need the letter from Employer. So, i still suggest to get letter from TCS on official letter head.

Thanks Anil. Yes I do have a letter from tcs , but it doesnt have detailed job duties.
So I am getting an affidavit from co worker to give the detailed job duties

also for this affidavit, should I mention the skills too?

Hi @gganesh90

TCS issues a job letter with job duties too. Have you asked for it?

Can someone help me with eamil address for TCS to request skill/experience letter. Thanks