Dependent H4 changing job on EAD when i485 is pending


My husband(H1B primary applicant) and I applied for AOS(EB2) early this October and are in pending status. I’m on my H4 with EAD. Can I change jobs while i485 is pending? If I do, do we have to notify USCIS about the same?

Also another question., we are considering moving to a new place within the same city. Is this a bad idea since we need to inform USCIS about the same and it may delay our GC.

Please share your thoughts.
Thank you

Changing jobs on H4 EAD (or for that matter even AOS EAD) is fine and no you don’t need to notify USCIS.

If the new address is in same MSA, you just need to file AR11 form online so that USCIS have new address on their file and can send any communication/documents to your new address. This do not impact your GC in any ways. It would be a good idea to call USCIS agent via Emma the chatbot to make sure your address is updated with USCIS after submitting AR11 as you are in your AOS processing and you don’t want USCIS to send any RFE/notices/green card to your old address after you move.

Thank you Kalpesh. Appreciate your quick response.