Date of Deemed Skills: VETASSESS

I have received a positive skills assessment from VETASSESS for job code 133111 however, the date deemed for skills is from 01/02/2016 even though they had positively assessed 9.5 years. I have been working with the company from 30/01/2009 and during the application stage I had submitted documentary evidence for the present position although the reference letter had multiple roles and responsibilities with start and end dates.

Could that be the reason the date for deemed skills calculated for the present position? Do I need to reassess the outcome in order to revise the date for deemed skills? Please advise.

Hi @vipin_ravi

I do not completely understand your situation.

Are you saying that you did not submit ALL work experience letter for your ALL jobs?

Yes, I didn’t submit the documents individually for all the jobs carried out as the company had provided a single reference letter mentioning all positions and responsibilities carried out during the period. I had submitted the documents for the presently held position which started from 1/02/2016 and they have mentioned this date as deemed for skills even though 9.5 years of experience has been assessed as positive starting from 30/01/2010.

Please advise as what can be done to revise the date of deemed skills.

Hi @vipin_ravi

In that case, it looks like your work experience from 2009 to 2016 may not be counted as related to your job code.

You should ask VETASSESS to find out the reason behind leaving it. I am not sure why they did it.