Current PERM Processing time in Days

No way to expedite it that i know of.

Hi Anil

Thanks so much for the your earlier response, I see all of sudden PERM time in days drops from 123 days to 64 days.
is it true or glitch in the system?
Are they processing now PERM applications for month of February?

Hi @sam
No glitch. I verified and the dates are correct.

Ok Thanks
In this case I may expect my Perm to be approved earlier now, we filed End of feb

Hi Anil

Thanks for your responses, I got email from Attorney saying my Cert is approved but hard copy will take few weeks to arrive
they can’t file I-140 till then just wondering approximately how much time it takes to receive the hard copy?

Do they really take that long to send Hard copy or attorney is just cautious in saying timelines

Hi @sam
Congratulations on PERM approval.
It can take 7-28 days for approval copy to arrive these days.