Current passport has Indian hostel as permanent address. Aadhar card has parent's address

Hi Anil,

I am going to apply for my passport renewal soon and need your help on below queries.

1. Aadhar card address different than current hostel address on passport

Regarding the permanent address field, I have my Aadhar card that has my permanent address but this is different from the address in my passport (which has my college hostel’s address).
So, what address should I mention now?

2. Is there a police verification again if I change to my permanent address?

For now, I didn’t select change address option and opting to have US address in my passport.

3. Details of 2 relatives - Parents?

Can I mention my parents name staying in the same address as that in my Aadhar card? Again, is there any verification that takes place?

4. Should I fill the government form first?

Because the web application number is not accepted when I retry.


1. Use Aadhar address on new passport

If you choose to print your Indian address on new passport AND it has now changed from the current printed address, you will have to provide the address proof, which in your case is Aadhar card.
You can choose to use it. It is your choice.

If you want to keep your Indian Hostel address intact in new passport, there is no address proof required.

2. There is no police verification done.

Also, If you are asking for US address in new passport, then there is no need to provide Indian address proof.

3. Two Indian relatives

You can just mention your home address and give your parents as 2 relatives. No verification is done.

4. Fill NRI online form through CKGS website

I strongly recommend to start your application at CKGS website.

What if I dont really want my indian address on my passport and my previous indian address was of a hostel. Do I still need to submit an indian address proof?

Hi @Rhea_Bhargava

No need to submit Indian address proof if you want your US address printed on new passport.

More information here:

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Hi Anil,

My Indian passport has an address of our old home in India, at which we no longer live at, and I do not have an address proof in my name for the new address.

Q1: What additional documentation would I need, if I intend to get my Indian address on my passport based off my father’s address proof (Passport)

Q2: If submitted, will there be a police verification done against my parent’s address.

Q3: What would happen, if there was nobody to answer the police verification, at the address, if my parents are out of town.

sorry again for multiple questions.

Hi @Divine

I suggest to use US address for printing on new passport as you don’t have address proof.

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Thanks for the quick response @Anil_Gupta!!

One last question to bother you about. I see the NRI passport Application has address fields for ‘Printed Address’ and ‘Other Address’, and even the CKGS site does not say what needs to be entered in the other address fields.

Per your above response, I assume entering the same US address in both address fields, right?

You can enter your Indian address in ‘other address’ field if you want.

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Hi Anil,

Thank you very much for your timely inputs. I was able to get the renewed passport in less than 4 days with the US address specified in both the address fields.

You are really doing some great service to the community!


Hi @Anil_Gupta,

I just wanted to confirm on the above reply of yours because it was answered almost an year ago. “If you want to keep your Indian Hostel address intact in new passport, there is no address proof required.” . So can i just use my Hostel address to be printed on my passport and no proof need to be submitted. right?

I have another question:
Should I be submitting my valid US ID (like Drivers License/State ID) even if i do not want it to be printed on my passport ?

I live in a rental apartment in the USA, so I want my indian address to be printed on my indian passport. So, I will be adding indian address in printed address field and add USA current address in other address field. Does this sounds good? What proofs would i need to provide in this case?