Current L2 EAD processing time

Hi Anil,
Filed L2 extension and EAD on Aug 7th to texas center. Raised two srs but no use. Do you see any l2 extension and ead approval from July or Aug month from texas center? Which is the most latest approval date you have observed from texas.

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Hi @Guest8381

Current L2 EAD processing time is about 4-7 months.

I see July 19 in one of your tracking spreadsheet for Texas l2 ead and it’s the same date from couple of weeks. Have you come across any June / July filed approvals from Texas center?

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Hi Anil,
We have discussed more in this forum about my doubt of L2 visa,expedite etc…

Right now,I have tried expedite on L2 VISA and L2 EAD renewal with financial loss thro congressman,but they rejected on March 29th 2020

but unexpectedly my L2 VISA got approved today,when do i expect EAD ? Any idea on L2 EAD renewal time?

Note: Due to expedition only my visa got approved for sure,I applied in california service center usuallly it takes 6 months

Hi @Niranjala

Check here:

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