Current H4 EAD, L2 EAD processing times Vermont, Texas, California, Nebraska


(Neena) #32

Hi Anil - I have received my I 797 - Notice of Action with the Notice Type being Approval Notice yesterday. Would you know if this document is good enough for me to start off working or I would have to wait for the EAD card to come through.

In such situations how more more time do you think it’ll take to get the EAD card.

(Anil Gupta) #33

Hi @neena23

You need EAD card in your hand to start working.
It normally takes 7-10 days to receive it in mail.

It seems the estimated time is working :slight_smile:

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(Saranya Sowrirajan) #35

I heard from some that processing times for EAD has come down now. Is this information true/reliable? Please let me know how long does it take now for processing H4 EAD. Also if my current H4 EAD expires in September 10th 2019. I can apply by March 10th 2019. When should i send the form to uscis taking into account the reception time. How long does it take for uscis to receive the case.

(Anil Gupta) #36

Hi @Saranya_Sowrirajan
Yes, EAD processing times have reduced recently.

We track the best case approval with case numbers here. You can check yours here too:

(Saranya Sowrirajan) #37

Would the government shutdown make EAD processing times longer? Has anyone already experiencing it?

(Anil Gupta) #38

Government shutdown does not affect paid services from USCIS. So, EAD processing should not be affected.

I know that fear of shutdown is looming again on USA!
I have covered the shutdown what works and what not here:

(UserIndia) #39

Why daily only 1 day is getting moved. It means it will take more time to process H4 EADs?

(UserIndia) #40

Where can we see Phoenix USCIS status?

(Anil Gupta) #41

Check here for more data and analysis for EAD applications:

(UserIndia) #42

I dont see for Phoenix UCCIS.

(Anil Gupta) #43

What’s your receipt number?

EAD applications are sent to Phoenix USCIS office and then they send to other center for processing.

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(UserIndia) #45

Thanks a lot Anil. You know more information! Appreciated.
H4 EAD OCT 25 2018, When can I expect to get card at the earliest? Why daily, one day only is getting moved?

(Anil Gupta) #46

I don’t control the USCIS processing speed.