COS filed from H-1 to F1 pending while H1B got approved

Hello Anil,

I have filed for F1 (COS From H-1 to F-1) thinking that my I-140 and H-1B extension would not get approved on time. But luckily I got my 140 approved and H-1 Extension has been filed and I got my extension approved as well for three years

We have filed withdrawal of COS (H1 to F1) on June29th. Today, I got a mail to appear for Fingerprint for my F1 (30th of July).

So, my question is, Do I need to go and give my Fingerprint or no need as I have already filed my withdrawal? Could you please confirm?

Its your choice to skip the Biometric or not.

How much time did it take for them to ask you for biometrics… Can you let me know a ball park time… I’m in the same boat…


Around 2 1/2 months it took for them to get back to me