Conversion of H1B to F1 for doing PhD

Hello All,

I am Nirupama Bezawada did my MSEE and graduated in Dec 2016. I am on STEM- extension, my company is applying for my H1B this year. I want to pursue PhD in Jan 2020. I have couple of questions:

1.If my H1B gets picked up can i do a part time PhD and somewhere during the process can i move from part time PhD to full time PhD?
2. I my H1B got approved, can i convert back to F1 easily and how long is the process? Do i need to get stamped twice?

Thanks a lot in advance. Please let me know if i need to contact a lawyer to know better about my situation. The answers would help me to determine the get to a solution.


Study in USA on H1B

You can study in USA on H1B visa.

I have covered multiple scenarios for part time and full time study on H1B:

H1B to F1 Change of Status

It can take a long time for the change of status from H1B to F1 based on current processing times.