Confused between study or 189 in Australia

(Gaurav Verma) #1

Sir, i m mechanical engineer with 5 year experience in same field.

I want to migrate Australia.

So please suggest me best way to migrate because i m confused between study visa and pr visa .

Please give advise which will be better because i m 27 year old unmarried.

What is the possibility of get visa by sub class 189? I have done b tech in 2013.

(Anil Gupta) #2

Choose Job code

The first step is to choose Australia’s job code based on your education and work experience:

Find your PR points

The second step is to know if you have enough total points to be eligible to get PR;
Get points here:

Once you know these two things, then the next step can be decided as to study or file PR.

(Gaurav Verma) #3


Job code is 233512
I did not give PTE test yet. If i get 65 in PTE then my points will also 65. With 79 points it will become 75 poits.

Is there any chance to get visa with 65 points?

Or acc to my age should i not go for study visa?

(Anil Gupta) #4

You can expect to get invite with 70 points with waiting of about 7 months.

With 75 points, you will get invite within 1 month.

With 65 points, there is no real chance of invite.

(Gaurav Verma) #5

Sir ,
What are the chances to get pr with 70 to 75 points?

Surely? If all documents are completed.

(Anil Gupta) #6

PR would be given if all your documents are correct.
I don’t see a reason for denial.