Company A H1-B amendment denied but Company B H1-B transfer approved before i-94 expires


My first H-1B visa was approved by Company A which I initially worked for in Wisconsin. I needed to relocate to new location in Utah for the project so Company A filed for H-1B amendment.

So, I started working at new location in Utah on amendment receipt. During amendment petition pending, however I have to return back to my original location (i.e Wisconsin) to same role and project where I initially worked.

So, in my amendment RFE, company mentioned that I need not be working in new location anymore and will be returning back to my original location for which amendment is not required.

Meanwhile, I got another offer from Company B and H-1B transfer was approved before my current H-1B expires.
In few weeks after I started to work for company B, I noticed that pending amendment petition from company A is denied in decision. I am concerned that will it have any impact on Company B H-1B visa?

There is no need to worry and no effect on your H1B.

You are fine as your H1B Transfer is approved and you got a new i94.


I entered US last time as F-1 student visa. It got expired around 2 years back but legal status extended. Will I have any issue if I go for stamping for my new H-1B visa in India?

There should not be an issue as long you have an approved H1B i797.