Claim Spouse English point - After 16 November 2019

Hi, I am applying as primary applicant under 261313. My spouse doesn’t work, but she has competent English (IELTS 6666). From 16 November 2019, to claim the 5 points for English competency, do I just need to show IELTS result of spouse, or need to follow any other step as well (like skills assessment)? TIA!

Hi @Astral22

Skills assessment is required to prove spouse skills.

HI @Anil_Gupta, thanks for response. I want to understand this better. Since my spouse is not working and I am claiming point only for English (5 points), do i still need to go for skills assessment?

You have to fulfill the criteria for your spouse to be eligible to add points to your EOI.

Hi… my question is about according to new rules that gonna update after 16 nov, what is the requirement for partner’s skill assessment and ANZCO code in same occupation list as primary applicant.
Do the partner (the secondary applicant) needs any work experience for the skill assessment and for same occupation list.
As the primary applicant should have one year experience in Australia or PYP for skill assessment. What is requirement for secondary partner for skill assessment.

Hi @Daljeet_Chahal

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