Claim Partners Skills point for 190 Visa when spouse skills is in Victoria but applying NSW


(Loyd Serrao) #1

I want to apply for 190 visa under Management Accountant occupation from NSW. My partner has skill assessment for Engineering Technologist. My doubt is that 190 visa for her occupation can be applied through Victoria only. And I can apply through NSW and Queensland. Still can I claim partners skill points?

(Anil Gupta) #2

The spouse points criteria is to have the spouse ANZSCO code is same job list as yours.

Have you checked that both of your ANZSCO codes appear in same occupation list?

(Loyd Serrao) #3

This is where I have the doubt… is it the same occupation list that is mentioned for 189 … or does 190 subclass have different occupation list for NSW and Victoria?
Could u please tell me if Management Accountant(221112) and Engineering Technologist(233914) fall under same occupation list for 190 subclass?

(Anil Gupta) #4

Both jobs do belong to same occupation list at this time for 189 visa points.

For 190 eligibility, states choose the profile based on their own criteria and send nomination. State points are not added to your EOI automatically unless states sends an explicit invite to you.

(Loyd Serrao) #5

Thank you very much for the clarification bro…
I have just noticed that while updating the EOI for adding new reference number and scores of IELTS in Dec 2018,I did not change the date of the test by an oversight. If I update now, the EOI will again go back in the que… could u advise me on this?

(Anil Gupta) #6

Every update to EOI will change your Date of Effect. So, please make sure you click ‘submit’ only after verifying that all details are correct.