CKGS shipping option missing

Is anyone trying to submit application by 14th Oct with pre own shipping option? Has anyone tried this option before? It is confusing how AWB works and CKGS is not taking responsibility.

If possible it would be better to wait and apply when the new process is in place. Once the original passport and application forms are sent there will be no one available to answer the questions related to the application.

My passport is about to expire in next month. Is shipping with own label not advisable?

look like VFS global will be the new partner.

This is awful, they should have put some message on CKGS as well. I just stumbled on this post after trying so many options to get the shipping option in the drop down.

My son’s passport was stamped by the immigration office at the airport with a stamp ‘Admitted untill Oct 12, 2020’ but his Visa is till 2021, Will it be an issue?

Get a copy of i-94. You can search for “Department of Homeland Security download i-94” and downloa d a copy from that site. See the date in that. Unless you have a new I-94 with a different date, stay beyond the date in i-94 will be considered as illegal.

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I-94 on the DHS website shows Oct 12, 2020 but the I-94 on the USCIS H-4 approval notice shows Dec, 2021. I think it’s allowed to stay on USCIS I-94, even though DHS I-94 is expired.

If you have not travelled outside the US after receiving the i-94 with USCIS H4 approval notice, you can ignore the DHS i-94.

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I think VFS global is not set up yet for the USA. is there any other option for passport renewal?

VFS global is taking over starting Nov 2, Is it recommended to wait for VFS global or apply now using our own shipping to CKGS?

Thanks, Nitin and All