CKGS Passport Renewal - Self sworn affidavit

How to send missing documents to CKGS and its says I am missing “Indian Address Self Sworn Affidavit” and I am not even sure what that means? Any help?

I used my own shipping to send my documents to CKGS, and recieced an email saying the documents are incomplete “Indian Address Self Sworn Affidavit”. My question here is how do I send my documents, do I use the same envelope (big one) or a regular one. Also I do not know what it mean by “Indian Address Self Sworn Affidavit” (Self sworn affidavit is required from the applicant to confirm that I have been / have not been (select whichever is correct) residing outside India continuously for more than Five year)and neither can I find a document to fill out and send. Please help. something like this. You can self-attest it and then mail it to the CKGS address you used earlier. I am not sure but I would think regular post is fine since this is not an important doc such as passport.

A self sworn affidavit sample is given here.