CKGS checklist does not ask for Nationality Verification form

I completed my online application and am about to send my mail package to the SF consulate when I noticed that my checklist does not ask for the Nationality Verification form.
I verified on CKGS ‘My account’ section and it does not have the Nationality Verification form either.
I asked some friends and they all had this form in their checklist.

Is this normal? Should I just follow my checklist and ignore the Nationality Verification form?

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I encountered the same problem, the document checklist mentions this form but it is nowhere to be found on the ckgs portal. I have raised a support case via the feedback link, recommend you do the same.

I was guessing this is due to recent website upgrades or my application being for a minor, but don’t really want to get rejected due their mess.

In fact, my document checklist mentions Birth cert twice #7 & 15 - one regular and another from consulate(?), which I am going to ignore.

The NRI online form is NOT available on CKGS website.

It has to be filled separately on Indian government website and then downloaded and then sent to CKGS.

When you are at step 6 in CKGS application, they give you a link to go to Indian government website and then fill this NRI form.

Did you do that at step 6?

This is not about the govt online form, its called Nationality verification form and is additional item in the checklist.

It seems this form is no longer needed, I received a reply from ckgs on my support case -

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for writing to us.

This is in reference to your query related to the Documents.

We understand your concern.

As per the new update, you are not required to submit the Nationality Verification form.

The document checklist has been updated. So we request you to submit the documents as per the document checklist.

For any further queries, please feel free to call or email us.

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ok…sounds good.

Sorry for the mis-understanding and thanks for informing about the CKGS change. I appreciate it.


Correct. For my case, the Nationality Verification form was neither in my checklist nor in my ‘My Account’ page in CKGS portal.
I spoke today to a customer agent at CKGS, and they confirmed that as part of new process, Nationality Verification form is not required to be submitted as part of Passport Renewal application, which is why checklist does not mention it.
I was satisfied and went ahead and submitted my package today.

For others reading, this if the checklist mentions Nationality Verification form, you should submit it, but if it is not mentioned, you can ignore it since according to the customer agent, it is not required if the consulate is using the updated process.

@Anil_Gupta Thank you for your input too. I hope this information is useful to others.

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Thanks for the update @jaypatel384

I would like to provide an update that I have received my passport. I had not provided any Nationality Verification form and there were no issues.
Just to summarize this for any viewers, the Nationality Verification form is not being asked by some Indian consulates as part of an updated renewal process.
Bottom line, if your renewal checklist asks for the Nationality Verification form, you should provide it, but if it does not mention it, you can safely ignore it.

Thanks @jaypatel384

Yes, you are right. The nationalily verification form has been removed from document list in December 2018.

It’s not required now.