CKGS checklist different in email than download

Hi Anil,
I could see you have helped many guys. It is great service to people.
I have few questions:

CKGS document checklist - two different versions?

I saw different document check list. One received in email on submitting application second on downloading from my account.
Which one we r supposed to use?
Email check list says two copies of check list to b attached.

Declaration for court cases?

Email check list also asks for Declaration for undertaking for court cases to b attached.
I have no court cases for me. Do we need to attach any declaration? If yes do u have format?

Spouse documents?

can we put additional docs like spouse passport, marraige certificate, PAN card etc? I have no change in spouse name in my visa. Her name is already there in present passport.

Hoping to receive prompt response.

Use CKGS checklist that you downloaded from CKGS website

The checklist you downloaded is the prime checklist that you should use.

Declaration of court cases undertaking

If the undertaking is required and is mentioned in your CKGS checklist, the format will be available in CKGS document list and you can download it.

Spouse Documents to be attached

Send spouse documents only if they are mentioned in CKGS document checklist.

Thank you very much Anil. Please respond to following small queries on it.

  1. The Declaration is in check list received by email. CKGS My account check list does not have it.
  2. Just to reconfirm, do you suggest not to send any additional documents like PAN Card, Birth Certificate etc which are not mentioned in CKGS Checklist? Send only exact documents as listed in CKGS My account download Check List?
  3. The FedEx Label I downloaded from my account has shipping date. Does that mean I need to dispatch today itself?

Once again Thank you very much for prompt response.

CKGS Court case Declaration form

You can download the court case decalratin form here:

Do not send documents that are not in CKGS checklist

Yes, there is no need send any documents that are not mentioned in your CKGS checklist.
Each checklist is prepared as per your specific scenario and options that you chose.

Fedex label validity - 15 days

You can use the shipping label for up-to 15 days from the date you download it.
The date printed on the label can be considered the start of the 15 day time period.

I appreciate your efforts, time & energy you spend in helping every one so promptly.
Giving your time to others is one of the most difficult thing in life.
I am highly satisfied with your responses.
Once again Big Thank you.

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You are welcome @Jagdish. Let me know if you need more information.