Citizenship Online Application

Hi Anil,

I received my PR on 16 Nov, 2018 and am getting ready to apply for the citizenship on 16 Nov, this year. I know I can only lodge the application after this date (a 12-month stay as a PR) and just wanted to get it started in advance.

When I moved to the page 6 (Residence eligibility), somehow there is a warning that “The applicant may not currently meet the residence criteria to apply for conferral of Australian citizenship”. How shall I proceed with it since I am not lodging it yet? Does that mean I can only start the application on 16 Nov?

Another question is about the police clearances. Can I use the FBI one that I submitted for my PR application along with the NPCS one or it has to be within 12 months?

Thank you

Hi @JC_Jan

I am not sure if the citizenship application can be lodged or created in draft mode before you are actually eligible.

You would need a new PCC as the FBI clearance is only valid for 12 months from the date of issue.