Choosing dates U.S. Department of State Visa Appointment Service Canada/Mexico

I would like to make an appointment Nov 2nd or 3rd 2020. I would like mexico or Canada.

Before payment I can see Vancouver has a first appointment on March 10th and only other place has immediate appointment in Calgary.

Not sure how the calendar will look like after paying $400 dollars for me and my spouse.

In mexico, there are no immediate appointments at Tijuana but there are several other US consulates in Mexico has immediate appointments.

I would prefer go to canada since it is 2 hours flight from San Jose. But I am afraid after I paid there won’t be appointments in November.

Is it possible to contact vancouver US consulate and inquire about appointment for NOn immigrant visa ?

Or do you think it is less risky to make an appointment at one of the US consulates in Mexico.

So you have multiple options and lot of slots to pick between many US consulates in Mexico which might have appointments.

Which US consulates in Mexico are more safer and has US Hotels nearby the consulate ?

I have only been to Tijuana. I live in San Jose.

Consulate cannot and will not entertain any query about appointment dates.

The only reliable way of knowing exact dates is to pay fees and then see the available dates.

The dates that you see without paying fees are only indicative and they do change quickly.

You are allowed to book appointment anywhere in Mexico and change the location if you see any favorable date. Its allowed in Mexico.

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