Chicago Indian Embassy Power of Attorney Attestation Experience

I just wanted to share my experience specific to Chicago Consulate as I has been there on Monday 26th Feb. Here are few things that should help others. I am on H1B and wife on H4 so this (documents etc) applies to people on H1.

Preparation for Visit

  1. Make sure you see consulate holidays before you plan to visit. You don’t want to be disappointed that you reach and consulate in closed.

  2. Make sure you put all originals in one folder separately as most probably it WILL NOT be needed (except Passport).

  3. Make copies of I797, passport 1st and last page, Visa stamped page (even if visa is expired), I94 (for me it was part of I797 as previous I94 is already expired). For each executant, make sure you separately put keep them with a clip so easier to manage and give to officer.

Parking for Consulate

  1. This is coming from a guy who is very very scared of downtown driving especially in big cities like Chicago. I strongly recommend parking in the NBC Tower garage parking. I would suggest use spothero and book for like 8 AM to 6 PM and it should cost $16. Any later and you will end up paying $35+. You can enter the garage late as well but just book for 8AM-6PM slot.

  2. Depending on where you are coming from (I was coming from Indiana so south to Chicago) check which route is best to get to this garage. It is on Lower street so study route as GPS / Google maps will get confused when you are under bridge or underground.

  3. There are other parking very near as well but they cost almost double. One is like just opposite NBC tower parking gate and is open parking (NBC tower is underground parking).

Getting the main work done

  1. Go to 8th floor in the NBC Tower buidling, the consulate is on this floor. Go to reception and take a token and sit inside main hall. Go to counter when name is called. Fill the Miscellaneous services form for EACH executant (if it is POA). Better to download form at home and fill it and then go.

  2. I went for getting POA attested for getting a bank loan in India for property and it was a Generic POA (format provided by Bank). I filled 3 copies of the POA (2 for me and 1 for consulate, but in most cases you do only 2 copies in total) and put photos of me and my wife(had done already at home), signed on the photos(in front of the officer).

  3. It is VERY VERY important that the name of the people in the POA (executants) and the name in your passport matches exactly. I had a problem where the property is being purchased on my wife’s name and mine and we wrote her “after marriage name” while her passport, US Drivers license etc have “before marriage name”. The officer was kind enough and told us there was no need of making corrected copies and instead use a pen and make corrections in the POA and sign each page (sort of self attestation).

  4. They took the copies of Passport 1st and last page, US driver’s license (acts as address proof in US), I797, I94 copies. Stamped Visa page. They keep the passport with them and only returned with the attested documents. Keep the receipt safely that they give you.

  5. They did not ask for any witnesses at all. I never took any witnesses with me nor did I get any notarization of witness signatures.

Timepass for next 6 Hours

  1. Now that you have submitted everything you leave the consulate and depending on what you want to do, kill you time for next 6 hours as the earliest you will be able to go back to consulate is 3:30 PM. Watch a movie at AMC near by, do sightseeing, have buffet lunch at nearby Indian restaurant or do anything you want. I suggest keep all documents back in car’s trunk (not visible in seat and such) when going for chicago sightseeing.

Getting back documents

  1. Reach back to the consulate at 3:30 PM, directly go to counter (no need to take any token) and knock the window and give the receipt and get the documents. Check them thoroughly before you leave and once everything is ok, leave the consulate, back to your home.

Thanks for your extensive feedback. It really helps.

The only thing i would like to point here is that even though embassy did not ask for 2 witness signatures, you would need those 2 witness in India, if you plan to register this POA.

Hello Ankur, thank you so much for your detailed explanation. Do you have a format of POA. Could you please send the format of POA which you have used.

I have POA document but it doesn’t have any column for Photograph? Is it mandatory for to add the photo in POA.

I hope there is no need of witnesses and notary as per your post. is that correct.

Hi @Mahesh_Dudigama
Sample Power Of Attorney.

Thank you Anil.

Is it mandatory to affix the photograph on POA

Yes, it is advised to have photo.

Indian embassy does not have requirement but i suggest to have it.

Hi Anil,

Your experiences are really helpful.

I would like to sell a property in India. I would like to give POA to my wife.

My nearest embassy is Chicago.

Do you have any POA format. I tried your format but it looks different.

If i want to get POA through mail from embassy, do i need to send Original passport ?

Witness attestation need to be done on POA form or any other format do we have ?

Please guide me.


Hi @Ramu_Joginipally

This is the sample POA and it does need a photograph.

Here is how you have to get PoA attested by the Indian embassy.

The attested POA needs to be registered in India before it can be used to buy or sell the property.

Original Passport is Required

You need to send your original passport by mail if you are dealing with the Indian embassy by mail.

Witness signature on the POA

Witness signatures are required on POA.

Hi Ankur,
I need to give General PoA to my wife for signing MoD for land property in India as well as other Bank formalities like Prepayment and Loan closure. I could see from HDFC bank site, they are saying POA first need to be typed in non-judicial stamp paper of appropriate value as applicable in state and in plain paper before sending same to executant for signature in India. Also each page & blank fills needs to be initialed by executant. Could you please let me know if have any sample general POA format and help me on above points?

Hi @ganesho

Did you check this sample PoA?

Yes i checked it. But this one is for specific apartment or builder. I was looking for general power of attorney.



Hi Anil,
Thanks for sharing the experience, it is very helpful.
I have two questions on getting POA attested from Chicago embassy.
1)Do we have to pay additional fees for adding spouse on same POA form, and also do we have to submit same set of documents as primary applicant.
2)Does witness signature required on POA form

Hi @atharva2002

I suggest to read the complete power of attorney attestation process here. It has answers to your questions.