Changing the change in appearance and signature affidavit for passport renewal


VFS global is the new vendor for passport renewal in USA. One of the key documents is the affidavit for change in appearance and signature. This form was nice and simple for ckgs.

VFS has this affidavit in pdf form, where we can fill our details in the blank spaces. But many things in the pdf document are incorrect (like grammar, dates etc). Bottomline, I will need to modify the actual words of the affidavit using a pdf modifier and then fill up the blank spaces.

Is this acceptable ? Is it OK for me to modify the actual words of the affidavit before filling in the details ? I’m just concerned that if I modify the affidavit words it might get rejected.

If someone can confirm, I’d really appreciate it.

You can use this app to create ‘change of appearance’ form.