Change US embassy after filling DS 160 - Schedule appointment in Different city

hey Anil, we have filled the ds 160 and paid the fees for visa fees. Now we can see the dates to schedule appointment. We see that fingerprinting dates are available in hyd but interview dates are available in late december.


Do we need to fill another DS 160 if need to change US embassy location?

  1. does he need to fill another new ds 160 application? as we want to explore visa interviews in other cities.

  2. once he fills another ds160…can he just enter this new ds 160 confirmation number in the visa appointment website by just updating his profile with new ds160 number. so that we can use the same fees amount we paid?

Please suggest.

Book US Visa interview in different US embassy than given in DS 160

Official US travel.state guidance says that you can change the US embassy or choose a different city for visa interview after filling DS-160.

No need to fill new DS 160

There is no need to fill another DS 160 if you want to change your US embassy location. The new US embassy that you choose for visa interview appointment will be able to access your DS 160 based on the unique DS 160 confirmation number.

Change US embassy interview location within same country also says the same thing that you can change the US embassy location but it should fall within the same country: