Change of status stamping required H4 to H1B with Delhi consular processing

Hello, I am currently on H4 Ead working with my employer. My H4 EAD is expiring in the month of June 2020.

With the same employer, I have my H1B approved last October 2019. However, my change of status from H4 to H1B was denied by USCIS and I was advised to get the H1B stamping done through the consular from India to change the status from H4 to H1B.

I had my appointment booked this month for this change of status, but due to this Pandemic situation, all appointments are canceled now. My concern is what if I do not get any visa interview appointment until June.

I will be without any work permit since I did not apply for my H4 extension and H4EAD extension after June 2020. Please advise what I should do. Thank you.

You cannot do anything if the H1B visa appointment is not available.

You can keep checking and see if any US embassy opens visa appointments in Mexico, Canada or India.

My suggestion at this time is to apply H4 and EAD Extension as coronavirus situation may or may not improve quickly. Nobody knows.

Thank you Anil for your response. Mu husband already filed his H1B in regular processing and now I will file my H4 and H4ead. After biometric appointment we might go for H1B premium to expedite the process.

Not sure how long this whole process will take. Meanwhile just trying to get h1b appointment as soon as the Delhi consulate becomes operational again and praying this whole pandemic situation to be over for everyone’s well being. Stay home and stay safe to all.

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