Change job and work location immediately after getting green card?

Is it okay to change job location to a different state (technically different MSA - Metropolitan statistical area) while working with the same employer after getting my green card?
I am basically planning to work from home and relocate to a different state than my current office location.

Is there any issue if I do it?

  1. Legally, the green card is given on the basis of the LCA filed at the time of PERM application. That LCA mentions your job location. The job is expected to be performed at that location for a reasonable amount of time before any changes can be made, after getting a green card.
    This reasonable time is not defined but is normally considered to be 6 months.
    If your LCA had the flexible location mentioned and had your home address mentioned as one of the work locations, you can make a move immediately with no issues.

  2. While, there are no examples of any negative effect of changing job location immediately after getting green card, we still advice to be a little cautious and better to obey the reasonable amount of time period.