Change in English Knowledge score during State Nomination

Hi Anil,

I recently submitted my EOI (07 sep 2019) for 190 PR visa, indicating Victoria as my preferred state. There is a specific and relatively new pathway for my occupation in the Victorian nomination process, so I am waiting now to be invited to apply for the state nomination.

I currently have 65 points (233512) and expect to get +5 for state nomination, in addition to that, my wife is under skills assessment with competent english so we are targeting for additional +5 points. Considering the upcoming changes in the punctuation system on november we would get 15 points (10 skilled spouse + 5 competent english), do you think we have a real chance by then to be invited? Was it a good idea to submit the application now?

Thanks in advance,


Hi @victoraustralia

The chances of invite should be good. You have done the right thing by filing the EOI.

The new points will be added to your EOI automatically.

Thank you very much for responding to my post!

IĀ“ll let you know regarding my outcome of State Nominationā€¦

Hi, why you said that the chances are good when the last invitations were over 80 points?

Hi @Pablo_Oscar

If you have read the whole question and then the answer, i have told that chances are good for invite after Nov 2019.
Please do not read only the answer as it will lose its context.