Chances of Software Engineer 261313 with 75 points - Australia PR

Hello Anil,

Last month received my positive ACS assessment and got my required PTE score last Friday and I now have 75 points for 261313 (Software Engineer).

I submitted my EOI yesterday for 189 visa. Looking at the 11-Oct-2018 invitation round, is it too ambitious to expect ITA in 11-Nov-2018 invitation round?

If not, is 11-Dec-2018 realistic?

As per my estimation, you should get an invite in 11 Nov, 2018 Draw if you have 75 points today for 261313.

Although the official Oct 11, 2018 draw results have not been uploaded by Australia Immigration, but my estimates show that all software engineers with 75 points would have been invited.

So, you have a very good chance of getting an invite in next 189 visa draw i.e. Nov 11, 2018.

My score for Australian Immigration process is 75 for 189 and 80 for 190 categories respectively. What are the chances that I will get an invite before Aug 31 as my age changes from 32 to 33 and i will lose 5 points from Sep 1st. Also please guide me what could be the best possible options??
Please suggest.

What is your ANZSCO code?

261313 is my ANZO code

You have good chance of invite in July 2019 draw.

My score is 75 with 189 and job is software engineer. Please advice on my chances if i submit EOI. I would also like to know the chances for 190

Hi @Dp02071988
You have good chance of invite with 75 points for 261313.

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Hi Anil, my EOI will get update next week with total of 80 points for 189 visa for job code 261313.

Post nov changes it will be become 85 becuase of skilled spouse.

What gut feeling do you have ,how much could be waiting period before i can get an ITA?

Hi @Anil_Gupta

Do you feel 85 post november is safe or shall i look for alternatives.

Hi @nevil_modi

85 points post November have good chance of invite.