Chances of invite ANZSCO code 261314

Hi Anil, Good Evening. I have submitted my EOI for subclass 190 for Victoria state. My ANZSCO code is 261314: Software Tester. My total points are 70 including state nomination. Are there any chances of getting invite. Please respond?

Victoria state does not share their invitation data publicly.

So, its difficult to say if you will get an invite or not.

I suggest to increase points to at-least 75 without adding state sponsorship points to have any realistic chance of invite.

Thank you Anil.
There is news that from November onward point system is going to change. This time bachelors are also going to get 10 points. As i am not married yet, are that additional 10 points going to help me in the coming months?

All bachelors are going to get extra points and that will certainly raise the bar for total point requirements.

The real benefit will be known only when the new system starts accepting applications.

HI Anil,
ACT(Canberra) has released its open positions today.
Below are the other requirements
Employment Caveat. Minimum one year ACT employment contract (in the nominated occupation). The employment must be with a medium to large enterprise (50 plus employees) located in the ACT; or an academic appointment at an ACT tertiary institution

Can you please confirm if it is mandatory to have employment contract of ACT to file EOI?

Hi @Padappathi

If the new requirement are saying that you need an employment contract, then it should be required.

Good Morning Anil,
I have submitted EOI for Subclass 489 with 75 points(65+10) including state nomination for ANZSCO code 261314(software tester) for South Australia this month.
What are the chances of getting invite?
Can you please help me with the information?

Also i have heard from different sources that there is very less demand for software testers compared to software engineers. Is it ture?

Hi @Padappathi

The chances are low for an invite with 65+10 for software tester at this time.
The demand varies by each state. I do not have data for the demand at this time.

Good Afternoon Anil,
I got an invite from South Australia under subclass 489.
Is it good to go for it?
Can we easily find jobs in South Australia?
Please guide

Hi @Padappathi

I don’t have idea about jobs.