Chances of invite: 190 with 75 points for 262112 - security specialist

Hi Anil, I submitted eoi (Vic/nsw) on 15 April 2019
Occupation 262112 security specialist
Points 189-70 and 190-75
Any chance to get invitation before coming August? After July -5 points due to age.

The chances are low for 262112 security specialist points 189-70 and 190-75.

I strongly suggest to increase 5 points to have realistic chance of invitation.

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Thanks bro for your suggestions

Hello Anil,
would you able to tell me when i should expect my invitation for below EOIs

EOI 1:
ICT security specialist 262112 (Non pro-rata)
Points: 75( subclass 189) and 80 (190 Victoria)
EOI effective date: 7 Feb 2020

Hi @shahid

Chance of invite is very low with 75 points.

I suggest to increase points to at-least 85 to have realistic chance.

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Dear Mr. Anil,

My profession is 262112 ICT security specialist …i launched EOI with 75 points on 7-2-2020…so when will be the chance of invitation i will get?

Also if after three months i will increase my 5points so the EOI date will be consider after new point added or the first EOI date?

Hi @shahid

Chance of invite are low with points below 85 as per current trend.

Thanks a lot Mr. Anil,

which state now currently open for occupation 262112 ICT security specialist in 491 visa without job offer?