Chances of Australia PR given new rules starting July2019

Hi, I am expecting to lodge EOI by August. I have 75 points. Scored maximum in English already.

Anzsco 261313, software engineer. My wife is not working, but she has proficient English (for which i can claim 5 points after November).

Given reduced independent visa ceiling starting July 2019 and additional visa rules kicking in from November 2019, what’s probability of getting Australia PR? Is there any way I can increase the chances? Thanks in advance.

Hi @Astral22

The chances of invitation will be defined by new trend once July results are out.

I would be able to tell better once you have lodged your EOI in August.

Thanks very much Anil for your prompt response.

Follow up question - I read somewhere that the independent visa ceiling reduction may or may not happen. At this point, is it confirmed that reduction is happening? Additionally, the occupational ceilings are applied from July 1, but i cannot see the updates for 2019-2020 year on Australia immigration website yet. Do you have any idea around which date this gets published? Thanks.

Hi @Astral22

It will be known when the first draw happens.

Thanks Anil. Appreciate your response.

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