Chances of ANZSCO code 233211 Civil Engineer with 65 points

(Anonymous) #1

Hi Anil,
My Husband is a civil engineer and has submitted EOI under the ANZSCO code 233211 (Civil Engineer). We have got 65 points only without claiming my points (5 points).

We have currently applied under Subclass 189. How long will it take to get an invite in this scenario.?
Would you recommend us to change and try our luck on subclass 190?

Plz let me know.!

(Anil Gupta) #2

You can opt both 189 and 190 at the same time. You just have to select the 190 option in EOI and your application will be made available for selection in both 189 and 190.

You have good chances of getting invite with 65 points too.