Chances of ANZSCO code 233211 Civil Engineer with 65 points

Hi Anil,
My Husband is a civil engineer and has submitted EOI under the ANZSCO code 233211 (Civil Engineer). We have got 65 points only without claiming my points (5 points).

We have currently applied under Subclass 189. How long will it take to get an invite in this scenario.?
Would you recommend us to change and try our luck on subclass 190?

Plz let me know.!

You can opt both 189 and 190 at the same time. You just have to select the 190 option in EOI and your application will be made available for selection in both 189 and 190.

You have good chances of getting invite with 65 points too.

Hi Anil, I was just wondering what are the predicted wait times for 233211: Civil Engineer if i have 75 points excluding spouse points? My wife has an MBA but we cannot claim this points . your assistance is appreciated.

Hi all forum members. any information regarding the above will be appreciated. Thanks

Hi @nkp21

Chances are low for an invite with 75 points at this time with current trend. I suggest to increase points to 80 or 85 to have better chances.

hi Anil,
You have any idea on when offshore file processing will start since this covid-19 is active ?
Secondly how long do you think we have to wait for grant with anzsco 233211 invited and lodged my file in Oct 18 ? Further that got employe verification mail to my HR in Mar 19 which is already replied by him,
although I haven’t got any mail from department asking for any details which is why I believe my application status is still ‘received’ does that mean my application is still not processed?

I know have asked too much but your expertise is much appreciated. Thanks