Chances of 190 NSW - 262113 - Systems administrator

Hi Anil,
Chances to get ITA 190 NSW with 85 points including state points.
EOI filled 06/10/19
Main applicant - 262113 in STSOL
Spouse- 233914 in MLTSSL with competent English.
Do you think NSW will invite because of different occupation?
After 16th November, points will be 90.

Hi @Kartik_Patel

Chances of invite are good with 85/90 points.

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Hi Kartik,

Iā€™m also 262113 applicant who filed EOI on 17-Nov-2019. Did you get a pre-invite and if yes on what date? Keen to hear back from you.


Thanks for replying Kartik, I too have 90 points with spouse skills included in the same occupation list (STSOL for both). It seems yours is not (STSOL vs MLTSSL are two different lists) . I think it is important to have both individuals to be in the same occupation list to be eligible to claim full 10 points for spouse. Anyways if you wish to keep in touch to share updates, my email ID is where I can share WhatsApp number as well. Cheers Anil