Chances for getting an Invite - ANZSCO Code-221214

I and my wife are applying for PR under ANZSCO Code-221214 and my wife is getting 80 points under the internal audit profession. Can you please let us know if we are standing at a good chance?
Also, can you please share a few formats of the employment confirmation letters that she needs to get from her employers. This will be very helpful for us to move ahead.

I am a Chartered Accountant with 8 years of experience(Pre qualification), do you feel i also should apply ?
I am eligible to apply under both Internal auditor and External Auditor. Please help me in understanding under which profession i should be applying for my wife to get points.
Your article on the medical examination was very helpful. Thank You

Sample work experience letter for Australia PR.

80 points is good for an invite but may not get invitation quickly.

I suggest you to get your education and work experience assessed and add 5 spouse points to your wife to reach 85 points.

Thank you Anil

The 80 points are after adding 5 spouse points. What would be the approximate waiting time.

Also can we get medical examination done after skill assessment or do we have to wait to receive the Invite.(We have just applied for my wife skill assessment).

I cannot estimate the time at this point as new reduced 189 quota might be implemented in July 2019.

Elections will decide if it happens or not.

You can do medical before or after submitting an invite. Your choice.

I suggest to do medical after invite.

Thank you once again Anil.

I have another question for our ANZSCO code - 221214 is mentioned in 3 states skill nomination( i.e Western Australia, NSW & Melbourne). I guess this should give us additional 3 points if selected. Should we apply initially itself for both 189 & 190?

What do you suggest ?

Thank you so much for your help and guidance

Apply for both 189 and 190 and keep all options open.